Pediatric Dental Solutions: Oral health management for children and adolescents

Healthy teeth and healthy gums are very important for the overall health of children and thus for their personal development.
The i-Kids program offers professional solutions for a customized oral health management for children and adolecents. The special program offers quality products and services which allow you to implement your treatment strategies successfully, efficiently and effectively in children and adolescents. The i-Kids product line comprises diagnostics, therapeutics, filling materials and oral care products for the different treatment requirements of your young patients.


  • The i-Kids program offers solutions for the special oral health care needs of young patients.


  • The products meet the specific requirements for the treatment of children and adolescents.
  • A coordinated product line composed of strong individual products
  • A positive experience for young patients

Benefits for the practice team

  • i-Kids helps you to make every dental visit a positive experience.
  • The program allows you to offer young patients successful, customized oral health management.
  • i-Kids supports you in establishing long-term relationships with the children and their parents.

CRT Bacteria

CRT Bacteria allows for the early detection of caries causing bacteria in children.  If at risk children are identified, preventive measures can be taken to prevent the onset of caries.

Proxyt-kidProxyt Tubes


The cleaning and polishing of teeth and restorations is essential in the prevention of caries and periodontal disease.  Proxyt is a prophy paste that allows gentle cleaning of young teeth, providing clean, smooth and long-term beautiful looking teeth.


Fluor Protector

In order to stay healthy, teeth need to be supplied with small amounts of fluoride throughout their lifetime.  Fluor protector provides children with an invisible, tasteless varnish that will continuously release fluoride to their teeth between visits.


Cervitec Plus

An innovative varnish which protects at-risk, exposed and sensitive tooth surfaces in children.  The proven combination of 1% chlorhexidine and 1% thymol firmly adheres to tooth surfaces, creating a shield of long lasting protection.



Pits and fissures present a high caries risk in children due to their complex shape.  Helioseal protects particularly susceptible areas by sealing them.  This smooth, impermeable layer, which tightly seals fissures, facilitates cleaning in young patients.


Compoglass F

Children with carious, deciduous teeth need fast and uncomplicated restorative treatment when they visit the dental office.  Compoglass F combines the benefits of glass ionomers and composites, while releasing fluoride to reduce the risk of secondary caries.  This makes Compoglass F the filling material of choice for children who have high carious risk.



When placing composite or compomer restorations in children, polishing is needed.  OptraPol achieves excellent polishing results in just one working step, without having to change instruments.  This provides smooth tooth surfaces and less plaque accumulation in less time.


OptraGate Junior

Children must be treated as quickly as possible, but quality is also important.  The innovative OptraGate Junior lip and cheek retractor makes the teeth and oral cavity easy to reach, ensuring faster and better quality treatment procedures.  The OptraGate Junior is latex free and painless, allowing unimpeded movement of the jaw, making it comfortable to wear during all treatment sessions.


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