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5 Minute Fillings? What if a Composite changed the way you placed Fillings?

Imagine if you could take five to seven minutes off of every filling? That could help aid in some serious production time. What if you could also deliver a superior restoration in the process? What if a Composite changed the way you placed fillings? This is Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill! The first ever packable bulk fill composite that allows you to layer 4 millimeter increments without the use of expensive handpieces, or flowables that need a capping layer.


Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is a unique nano-hybrid composite material developed specifically for the fast, efficient, “bulk placement” of direct posterior composite restorations.


Just Bulk, Sculpt & Cure!

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill features three unique patented technologies:

  • Polymerization Booster for deeper depth of cure
  • Light-Sensitivity Filter for extended working time
  • Shrinkage Stress Relievers ensure superior marginal integrity

The material’s smooth consistency facilitates excellent adaptation to cavity walls eliminating the need for flowable liners or additional dispensing equipment.

The well-balanced filler composition results in excellent physical properties allowing the material to be contoured immediately after placement without the need for a final “capping” layer.

The patented “Polymerization Booster” provides a fast, complete cure.


Clinical Cases of Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill


What People Are Saying

This is a great product. At first I was a little skeptical. After placing several restorations, I admire its ease of use and shade matching ability, and it polishes wonderfully. Ivoclar Vivadent – you’ve got a winner here!— John Cranham, DDS, PC (Chesapeake, VA, USA)

I love the radiopacity of this material … it’s incredible!— Chris Ramsey, DMD (Jupiter, FL, USA)

Bulk, Sculpt and Cure … it’s really that easy.— Michael Sesemann, DDS (Omaha, NE, USA)

I like it! Great material, easy handling, packable, holds really well when giving occlusal anatomy and it polishes nicely.— Daniel Vasquez, DDS (Oceanside, CA, USA)

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Clean Up The Confusion with Ivoclean

 Ivoclean from Ivoclar Vivadent effectively cleans the bonding surfaces of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in. The paste is easy to use and can be universally applied.

During intraoral try-in, the contamination of restoration surfaces with saliva cannot be avoided. However, this contamination can pose a problem when the lab-fabricated restorations are adhesively cemented afterwards. Ivoclar Vivadent’s solution to this problem: Ivoclean, the universal cleaning paste that effectively cleans the bonding surfaces of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in. Consequently, it creates optimum prerequisites for the adhesive luting procedure.

Universal and easy-to-use
Ivoclean is suitable for all types of restorative materials: They include glass-ceramics, zirconium-oxide ceramics, aluminium-oxide ceramics, precious metal and base metal alloys as well as lab-fabricated composite restorations. Ivoclean is easy to use: Simply apply the cleaning paste to the bonding surface of the restoration, leave it to react for 20 seconds and then rinse it off thoroughly with water. Subsequently, dry the bonding surface with oil-free air.

Ivoclar is On The Grow! Major investment results in significant job creation and retention.

Amherst, N.Y. – Ivoclar Vivadent Chief Executive Officer Robert  Ganley and Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE) President & CEO Thomas Kucharski announced today that the company will invest more than $4 million on a major expansion of their North American headquarters on Pineview Drive in the Town of Amherst.  A leading international dental company with a comprehensive product portfolio, Ivoclar Vivadent’s expansion of their facility is anticipated to create 33 new jobs while retaining an existing 215 employees.  

“Ivoclar Vivadent is very happy to finalize our plans for expansion of our North American headquarters, at our current home here in Western New York,” said CEO Robert Ganley.  “There is a thriving dental industry community here and our employees are a critical part of our company’s success.  We are very pleased that this expansion will allow us to continue to grow and prosper along with the local dental industry, benefitting from the experience and commitment of our strong existing workforce,” Ganley continued. 

Globally headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, Ivoclar Vivadent has operations in 24 nations that provide products to customers in 120 countries around the world.  In addition to administrative & headquarters functions, the Amherst facility that will be expanded by an additional 25,000 square feet houses research & development, sales and marketing, education and training services and some distribution functions.  The company hopes to complete the expansion by the end of next summer.

The Buffalo Niagara Enterprise facilitated the incentive process for the company and provided assistance with workforce issues.  BNE’s President & CEO Thomas Kucharski said today’s announcement is more than just a shot in the arm for the local economy, but also good news for his group’s efforts to attract additional dental laboratory and dental product manufacturing companies to the region.

“From leading international companies like Ivoclar Vivadent to mid-sized suppliers, the dental sub-sector of life sciences is a $30 million industry in our region,” said Kucharski.  “Ivoclar Vivadent played an important role in helping us develop the dental opportunities campaign that we launched last March.  Beyond the impact of the sizeable investment and job impact, the commitment they have made to our region with this project sends a tremendous message to the rest of the global dental industry about the unique elements our region offers.”

Ivoclar Vivadent is  recognized as a global leader in the dental industry. The company distinguishes itself by offering advanced products and services for each phase in the life cycle of a tooth, from prevention to prosthetics.  The company is also unique in that it is a global company headquartered in Liechtenstein, with a CEO who travels the world while calling Buffalo his home base. 

Empire State Development and the Amherst Industrial Development Agency were also key partners in assisting Ivoclar Vivadent with their expansion.

“ESD is proud to support Ivoclar Vivadent’s efforts to provide an effective and efficient environment to produce its products and grow its market share,” said ESD President, CEO and Commissioner Kenneth Adams.  “The dental market is very competitive and this company was faced with the decision to relocate its manufacturing and North American headquarters out of New York State or expand its operations in Amherst.  I am pleased it chose New York State, where Governor Cuomo and ESD are working hard to put people back to work, get our economy back on track and restore New York State as the Empire State.”

“The Amherst IDA is once again honored to assist Ivoclar Vivadent with their expansion of their North American Headquarters in the Audubon Industrial Park.  Ivoclar is an international leader in dental technology with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced dental products. Their investment in the Buffalo Niagara region serves as a beacon to dental product firms throughout the world that our region, home to the SUNY-Buffalo Dental School, is an excellent location for investment.  We thank Ivoclar Vivadent for its continuing commitment to Western New York,” said James J. Allen, Executive Director, Town of Amherst IDA.

Bulk and Sculpt!

Think you have a Bulk Fill resin? Think again. A new Evolution from Ivoclar Vivadent. Bulk and Sculpt. No expensive equipment. No sticky flowables. Just pure science and innovation. Check it out at:

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is an easily mouldable nano-hybrid composite suitable for the bulk filling technique. It allows a new level of efficiency to be achieved in posterior tooth restoration: one filling, one material, one increment.

Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill features a polymerization booster, which enables 4-mm thick layers of the material to be cured in only ten seconds (for example with bluephase style). Additionally, it contains a shrinkage stress reliever which keeps shrinkage stress as low as possible during polymerization.
Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is available in the three universal shades IVA, IVB and IVW (for slightly reddish, slightly yellowish teeth and for deciduous teeth or light-coloured permanent dentition). Due to the material’s excellent shade adaptation, high quality results can be achieved easily and efficiently.

•Bulk filling of 4 mm – one filling, one material, one increment
•Very easy to contour, even under operatory light
•Smooth consistency and excellent adaptability
•Low shrinkage stress
•Natural shade blend

Ivoclar Vivadent Sees Bright Future for Laser Technology in Dentistry

Compendium Of Continuing Education In Dentistry
June 2011, Volume 32, Issue 5
Published by AEGIS Communications

Of the many technical advances in dentistry in the past decade, the use of lasers has perhaps had as much of an impact on the industry as any. With an increasing number of clinicians realizing the benefits of using lasers, the technology has become more widely accepted in the dental industry, according to Danny Forcucci, Marketing Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent.

“When we first began offering a dental laser, we spent an excessive amount of time teaching what a dental laser is and how it works,” Forcucci explains. “Today, most clinicians have some level of understanding.”

The acceptance and growth of laser usage has been spurred on by the numerous advantages it offers compared to traditional methods of soft-tissue surgery, Forcucci suggests. Patients experience less postoperative pain and sensitivity because laser care usually produces a cleaner, healthier surgical site with less discomfort. Plus, use of lasers typically results in immediate postoperative results. Additionally, lasers cause minimal, if any, bleeding, which not only makes things more comfortable for the patient but, notably, provides better visibility for the clinician.

Dental lasers, according to Forcucci, enable clinicians to achieve highly accurate tissue contours, and there is less chance of scarring as well as a reduced need for anesthesia. Moreover, sutures are rarely needed, and the minimally invasive nature of lasers means faster recovery. “In the end, lasers can mean less stress for the clinician, staff, and patient,” Forcucci says.

Odyssey® diode lasers from Ivoclar Vivadent offer clinicians user-friendliness, featuring a simplified control panel along with the latest in solid-state diode-laser technology. Ideal for soft-tissue modification and preventive care, the unit provides accurate power output and a consistent wavelength for smooth, precise tissue alteration.

While the past decade has seen an increase in the use of lasers in dentistry, Forcucci believes the future is even brighter for dental laser technology. “I’ve seen industry projections which show that approximately two out of three US dental offices will have a diode laser in 2016, compared to approximately 25% today,” he says. “I believe that more and more states’ dental boards will allow dental hygienists to use diode lasers as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease. This is because there is beginning to be a greater realization that a diode laser can be used very effectively in a nonsurgical mode.”

Ivoclar Vivadent's Odyssey Navigator

As a leader in dental laser education, Ivoclar Vivadent realizes the importance of instructing clinicians in order to help them achieve optimal laser performance. The company starts with what Forcucci calls “the initial ‘out-of-box’ experience.” A local Ivoclar Vivadent representative provides in-office initial setup and laser usage training for the dentist and entire staff.

“Included in the purchase of an Odyssey diode laser is comprehensive live laser education at one of our three training centers in the United States.” Forcucci says. “Full-day training takes place regularly at one of these three locations, and the courses are typically taught by an Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)-certified educator. The course includes lecture, clinical videos, and hands-on. These laser courses consistently receive very high ratings from the participants.”

Looking forward, Ivoclar Vivadent sees many innovations coming to the dental industry as science and technology continue to evolve. As things change, says Forcucci, the company will be there with state-of-the-art expertise. “We’ll always listen to the needs of our customers in an effort to develop a next-generation laser that better meets their needs.”

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