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Facebook…….for Business? Yep!

Facebook recently announced more than 750 million active users worldwide. That’s ACTIVE users. Half use Facebook several times a day. Plus, 75% of marketers plan to increase their use of Facebook in 2011!

So let me ask you a question. Is your business leveraging the power of Facebook? Keep reading to learn what’s changed with Facebook just for businesses.

How Has Facebook Changed?

Facebook has changed a lot in the previous months—for example:

* Tabs are gone.

* Static FBML has been phased out.

* Users can masquerade as a page.

If a user can masquerade as a page, one of your competitors can leave a comment on your pages, promoting their page (brand) to your users. Get ready for a new kind of spam!

But there are many positive changes as well.

* Pages have been redesigned to be cleaner and less cluttered.

* You have more control over your news feed.

* You can get an email when anyone comments on your pages.

* iFrame apps have replaced Static FBML.

* You can offer deals to people checking in on a mobile device.

And did you know that you can make Skype calls from Facebook?

Facebook is doing everything it can to become a one-stop source for people’s communication needs. And this is precisely why it’s so important for businesses.