Simple Steps to Brushing Your Children’s Teeth

Step #1: Let your kids pick out the supplies. There are lots of fun character toothbrushes and toothpastes on the market. Escort your kids to the store, and have them pick out their favorite. They’ll be much more willing to brush their teeth if they’re excited about their toothbrush and toothpaste.

Step #2: Grab the egg timer out of the kitchen and set it for two minutes. Then have your kids brush until it dings. This makes it more of a game and also gives them a goal.
Step #3: Switch to an electric toothbrush (Sonicare or Oral B are good brands). A manual toothbrush isn’t as effective or as fun as an electric toothbrush, especially when kids are involved.

Step #4: Have them brush your teeth first (with YOUR Toothbrush of course) first. Laugh and make faces or act playfully as they brush your teeth so they see it as an enjoyable activity, then encourage them to brush their own teeth as you watch.
Step #5: Make it a family affair. Brush your teeth alongside your kids and they’re likely to mimic your tooth-brushing habits.

Step #6: Stick to a schedule. Kids like routine, so set regular tooth brushing times and stick to them. Before long, it’ll just become a part of their day.

2 thoughts on “Simple Steps to Brushing Your Children’s Teeth

  1. This is perfect. It allows the child to view brushing teeth the opposite of a chore, but a fun activity. The more fun they view something, the less likely they’ll reject doing it. Very nice

  2. I like this post! Looks like I did it well. 🙂 I teached my son brushing his teeth in a playful way. But sometimes I wonder if I didn’t exaggerate a little bit , ’cause now he’s very serious with this topic. Our dentist is proud to have him going for many years to his practice and seeing the way he takes care of his teeth. Thanks a lor for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

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